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The Mitutoyo 64PKA089A Includes the PH-3515F Horizontal Bench-top Profile Projector with the KA Counter and Tray. The KA Counter is a high performance, low cost 2-axis counter with traditional and advanced linear functions. The PH-3515F Profile Projector features a 14" diameter protractor screen with cross-hairs and staggered lines for easy alignment. A digital angle measurement of 1' or 0.01 degree with built in angle counter is also provided along with Halogen contour illumination and Fiber-optic illumination cables and halogen. This machine is suitable for thread pitch measurements, free from blurred or distorted images when the work-piece is angled.
  • Range: X=10", Y=6"
  • Type: Horizontal with KA Counter, Tray
  • SPC Output: Yes
Features: Erect image on high brightness screen, 14" diameter protractor screen with cross-hairs & staggered lines, Digital angle measurement of 1' or 0.01 degrees, Floating work stage, Halogen contour illumination, Fiber optic illumination cables & halogen included., Suitable for thread pitch measurements-no blurred, distorted images, Wide range of accessories for varied applications

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