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The Starrett Altissimo Electronic Height Gage is innovative, easy-to-use and loaded with Starrett-exclusive functions that allow you to easily program measuring routines that run smoothly and reliably. This height gage has a measuring Range of 0-24"/ 600mm. It is built with a unique, ergonomically shaped base, hardened and ground, that fits your grip just right to easily move the gage and press the hot key. This hot key allows you to select measuring results on the fly! Some of the features include, RS232 Data Output port, Instant inch/millimeter conversion and a Smart Probe that can measure Inside or Outside Diameters without attachments.
  • Range: 0-24"/0-600mm
  • Resolution: .0001"/.0005"/.001" / .002mm/.01mm/.02mm
  • Type: Electronic
  • SPC Output: Yes
  • Accuracy: .0003" / .008mm
Features: Hot key allows you to select measuring results on the fly, 0-24" Measuring Range, Smart probe that can measure I.D. or O.D. without attachments, Electronically adjusted probe force, Large, easy-to-read interactive LCD with unique scanning meter for monitoring probe position, Electronically adjustable beeper volume, Bold screen icons indicate the current routine, Three electronically adjustable resolutions, Retains the last calibrated diameter of the measuring probe, even after the gage is shut down, Dynamic bi-directional probing with point and scan modes, Easy operation with speed wheel, which also has fine-adjust feature, Locking mechanism for scribing, Five measurement modes: (ID/OD, Center, TIR, Max/Min, Continuous Display), Instant inch/millimeter conversion, Two selectable Datums and Preset, Auto Power Off after two hours with retention of probe calibration, Rechargeable NiMH batteries with 100 hours of continuous life, Optional probe kit features a variety of probes for many applications, RS232 data output port, Works well with Starrett Datasure Wireless Data Collection Systems

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