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The Starrett 5002BZ-16/400 Carbon Fiber Caliper has a measuring range of 0-16"/ 400mm with a .0005" resolution and offers carbon fiber construction that significantly reduces weight, improving maneuverability. Titanium coated stainless steel outside measurement jaws for long life and superior flatness. It offers data transmission capability, two preset modes and a hold feature. This model is Coolant resistant with 3 Interchangeable Tips Available and REF I and REF II that allow setting one mode to a setting master and a second to a zero setting.
  • Range: 0-16"/0-400mm
  • Resolution: .0005"/0.01mm
  • Type: Inch/mm
  • SPC Output: Yes
  • Accuracy: 0-12" (+/-.001") 12-16" (+/-.002") 0-100mm: (+/-0.02mm)>100mm-300mm: (+/-0.03mm)>300-400mm (+/-.05mm)
  • Details: OD Jaw Depth-4.921"/ 125mm
Features: Coolant resistant, Carbon Fiber construction reduces weight, Hardened tool steel outside measurements jaws, RS232 output, One lithium battery for over one year of normal usage, Hold feature, mm/inch mode button, Clamping screw

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